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One sunny DAY I started out from the BRIGHT stores in Birkdale and decided to WALKER long Rangatira Road down DALE and up HILLwhen a RAY of sunshine burst forth. This I felt to be an INWOODsign from the EVANS that winter was over, and we WOOD soonREVEL in the summer sun. I passed GREEN fields noticing a ladyANDERSON. The child threw a piece of CLAY at me but it hit a stray dog, which was a real BARKER. I stood for some time in the LEE of some MAYALL boxes, thinking what a little SAINTY was I, continued to AMBER long and met a chap who seemed lost. Told him to check the road signs in CASEY went the wrong way. The school bus passed with a BLAIR of horns as I reached Beach Haven, the boaties delight, where people would PURCHASE a COLLINS publication about boat building and let Dick REED it to them, as he was an expert yachty. There were boats for sale, but not everyone could a FORDHAM, finding it cheaper to buy some BOATWOOD and build their own. The lovely weather would soon make SONNY BROWN and local farmers would MAY KAY while the sun shone. Opportunity could not be missed, as any HAYMAN would know, hoping that the weather would continue on the MORROW. On the way along Beach Haven Road a cricket match was in progress and the frequent call HOWARTH at could be heard. When I got to WALTONS Corner the school bus was there and the MUMMES were trying to SHEPHERD the children aboard and asking WOODALL the children move please, I decided to go too in case 1 should get CRAMP. I should have taken my car, but had recently sold my MORRISON bought a BENTLEY which was a gas-guzzler. One of the children found an APLIN in her school bag while another found a BARTLETT pear, the sun was still shining as ifto USHER in the summer. We finally reached their school where I noticed a DENT in the side of the bus, it had probably hit VERRANda post. Saw a chap who had had a BEER or two to celebrate the new suit he had got at the TAYLORS. 1 thought he was a PAYNE in the neck. I had noticed a lot of WEEDON the roadside but knew the summer sun would soon COOK it leaving only sweet WILLIAMS.


- Errol Collins


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