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Farrington House Museum

Over the years since its inception, the Birkenhead Historical Society has been given many interesting artefacts and documents. Some of these were first displayed in Cliff Utting's old dairy, our first "Little Museum" about 50 metres further up the road from the current site. This particular area was once strawberry fields and gardens before the farm was subdivided for houses, the War Memorial Park, and bush reserves.

The present museum is situated on the site of an old ensilage pit. The "Little Museum" was demolished, and the Society had to endeavour to find a building suitable for a Museum. Anne Farrington came to the rescue with the gift of a house which had been lived in by the Farrington family for four generations and needed to be moved off its existing site.

The Council leased a site just outside of the gates to the War Memorial Park (at 44 Mahara Avenue) to the society and in 1993 the house was moved to its present site. Many hours, weeks, months, and years of voluntary work were put in by a dedicated band of members to restore Farrington House, named after the long serving President of the Society, Edward Farrington.


The Museum was officially opened on 21 December 1997.

The Museum is open every 2nd and 4th Sunday of the month between the hours of 2pm till 4pm.

44 Mahara Avenue, Birkenhead

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